Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that permits the mind and body to be in conjunction with each other. It incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and stretches to allow stress reduction, relaxation, and rejuvenation. For College students, Yoga is integral to their physical and mental health. By Yoga, student can be healthy in body and mind and, consequently, excel in his/her academics. There are several benefits of Yoga for college students. Here is a list but not exhaustive.

1. Improved Physical and Mental Health

Researches reveal that Yoga is a highly recommended approach for achieving optimal physical health. As Yoga increases energy levels of body, it is good for counteracting fatigue.

2. Effective Brain Development

Yoga improves the production of FNDC5 proteins and releases it to the bloodstream. This type of protein facilitates existing brain cells to continuously reproduce. Thus, daily Yoga promotes a stronger and healthier brain. Nervous system is kept healthy by this protein.

3. Enhanced Memory

The protein that our body generates during Yoga responds well with the region in the brain that is responsible for memory retention. Thus, Yoga enhances our memory.

4. Better Concentration

According to studies, a 20 minutes Yoga before studying can enhance concentration. Intense Yoga encourages better circulation of the blood from our body to the brain. This, enables active cell growth for cognition and learning.

5. Reduced Stress

Studies revealed that Yoga for students has a positive effect on the nervous system and brain. Yoga stabilizes the blood pressure and keeps the heart rate in control in pressure time.

6. Reduced Eye Strain and Headaches

Yoga allows to take eyes off the books/laptops. Thus, eyes are relaxed for some times. A long duration study causes headache. Thus, Yoga helps in reducing headache.

7. Increased Motivation and Productivity

Yoga, as a form of study break for students, is found very helping in enhancing the motivation and productivity levels.

8. Better Sleep Quality

Lack of sleep quality can be associated with Hypertension, low academic performance, obesity, and depression, among other health conditions causes lack of sleep quality. Yoga increases the discharge of melatonin, a hormone that manages sleep and alertness. Thus, Yoga results in better sleep quality.

9. Improved Academic Performance

A study lead by the International Journal of Yoga (IJY),revealed that Yoga improved the scholastic performance of students.

10. More energy and brighter moods

By Yoga, one can feel enhanced physical and mental energy, improvement in enthusiasm and alertness and fewer negative feelings.

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